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High Heels

We’ve all heard how high heels can be unhealthy when worn too often (hard on your joints, tendons, toes, etc.), but what are the benefits? Obviously they make you taller, but more importantly they make your legs look longer. They also become thinner by elongating your calf muscles. Your legs will look especially good in heels together with nylon stockings such as these from Berkshire:
Berkshire Nylon Stockings, Style 1550

Berkshire Hosiery

Berkshire Hosiery dates back to the late 1800’s in Berks County, Pennsylvania. Berkshire Knitting Mills was incorporated in 1906. In it’s heyday, Berkshire produced more full-fashioned stockings than anywhere on earth at a rate of 25 million pair a year. They were late on the scene when it came to producing seamless nylons – 1955, losing market share to Hanes and others. The company was eventually sold to Vanity Fair, and then to Mayer, forming the very successful current-day Mayer/Berkshire Corporation. While they haven’t been manufactured in Berks County in decades, they are still made in America – North Carolina to be exact. With so many apparel manufacturers moving their facilities overseas for cheap labor, we love to work with companies that keep their manufacturing within their homeland, whether it’s the U.S., U.K., Canada, Belgium, etc. Berkshire has a consistency in quality. Today, they still make several different styles of nylon stockings (the kind you need a garter belt or girdle in order to hold up), but they also have the latest in hosiery including graduated compression pantyhose, band-less waistline pantyhose, fashion hosiery, toe-less thigh highs, fishnets, and even shapewear.

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Berkshire Hosiery