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High Heels

We’ve all heard how high heels can be unhealthy when worn too often (hard on your joints, tendons, toes, etc.), but what are the benefits? Obviously they make you taller, but more importantly they make your legs look longer. They also become thinner by elongating your calf muscles. Your legs will look especially good in heels together with nylon stockings such as these from Berkshire:
Berkshire Nylon Stockings, Style 1550

Being Young

Age is designated by a number. The words “young” and “old” are a frame of mind. Here’s a young woman in her 70’s. She actually came as an escort (no, not THAT kind of an escort) with a model who was doing a photo shoot with us. Sometimes models will bring a friend or relative along if they’re unfamiliar with a photographer. Well, when this particular Grenier corset proved to be a size too big for the model, she stepped right in and did a splendid job. She had never modeled before -and certainly not in a corset and stockings, but didn’t hesitate to try something new. You’ll never grow old having an attitude like that.

Bali Lace ‘n Smooth Body Briefer

This is the body briefer version of the popular Bali Lace ‘n Smooth Underwire Bra. It’s soft, supportive and comfortable. It provides moderate support. This style was re-introduced last year and is as popular as ever. Besides the Lace ‘n Smooth Bra (style 3432), we also have Bali’s high waist thigh shaper in this fabric:

et cetera

On our updated site we added a category called et cetera for all the items that we can’t categorize elsewhere. It only has a few things in there now, but we’ll be adding many things that were scattered somewhere in our old site (e.g. detachable garters), plus adding new items such as lingerie bags and adhesive tapes. In there right now are mostly gloves. These aren’t the gloves for cold winter days – these are inexpensive gloves for costume parties, dress-up, etc. Maybe do a surprise striptease for your mate – after all, you can’t do a striptease without gloves!
et cetera