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Holiday Gift Ideas

We’ve been selling the Arianne Catherine for many years now. It’s classy, well-made and very sexy. If you’re a guy, it’s a win-win gift for your significant other. She’ll love and appreciate it, and when you see her in it, you’ll feel like it’s actually a gift to yourself.  It can work the other way as well – a gift to your guy that’s actually for you.  This teddy comes in black,, white and red.
Arianne Catherine Teddy

Rago High-Waist, Side Zipper Long Leg Girdle, Style 6210


The Rago High-Waist Long Leg Girdle, Style 6210 is an extra-firm support shapewear garment. It has a side zip for “easy” (a relative term) on and off and also detachable garters if you wish to wear nylon stockings. This garment is  not for everyone and is certainly not recommended if you’ve not worn shapewear before. That being said, it does provide maximum control in terms of waist definition, tummy control, derriere shaping and thigh shaping.
Rago 6210 High Waist Side Zip Long Leg Girdle


Waist Cinchers from Brabarella Lingerie

A waist cincher is sort of like a corset in that it pulls in the waist and helps to create an hourglass shape. However, a cincher generally has a hook/eye closure, or sometimes is pull-on, unlike a corset which usually is laced in back, making it bulkier but more adjustable (and more difficult to get on).  Some waist cinchers, such as the Rago shown here come with detachable garters. Unlike an open girdle, you do not need stockings to hold a waist cincher in place, since it’s usually locked in between the chest and hips.  Order a waist cincher based on your actual waist measurement, not the waist measurement you’d like to have (!). Many of our customers go down a size (some even two), but we don’t recommend doing so if you’ve never worn  a cincher or girdle before. Just a little bit of shaping can go a long ways.Brabarella Waist Cinchers

From Behind

When we first started selling online, one of the difficulties was the limited selection of photographs provided by the manufacturers. Some were internet savvy from the start, others preferred to cater to brick ‘n mortar stores where photographs were of secondary importance. It was especially difficult getting back views for certain items such as such as strapless and strapless/backless items. Nowadays, most manufacturers provide a slew of photographs (and we take our own also) . However, sometimes every picture DOESN’T tell a story. This is especially true when it comes to bridal wear. We’re always getting questions regarding how low a strapless or strapless/backless garment is in back. We can show pictures (such as this Va Bien 1503), and sometimes the bride-to-be will send pictures of the gown to us, but, many times it ends up being guesswork. We recommend ordering early on in the fitting process, OR, if time is short, finding a local shop where you can try on several items to find just the right style and fit. Yes, sometimes your local shop is the best route to go.


Just a few end of the week notes:

Monday is Veterans Day, so if you’ve ordered anytime between noon today (Friday) and Monday, we won’t be shipping out again until Tuesday. Thank you veterans!

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