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Subtract Girdles and Shapewear

Many lingerie and foundation companies have faded away during the past decade or so – Strouse Adler (Smoothie), Crown Foundations and more recently Custom Maid come to mind. True Form Foundations, makers of Subtract girdles and shapewear is another once popular brand that silently faded away a while back. Fortunately, many of those old Subtract styles are still made available by Cortland Foundations, under their Venus of Cortland label. These include many of the “memory stretch” styles. Included is the waistline control brief, the cuff-top control brief and the long torso control brief (all with tabs for optional garters); the waistline pantliner as well as thew high waist pantliner; and the long leg girdle and high-waist long leg girdle (both with tabs for garters). All of these garment feature the memory stretch fabric (kind of a double-layer fabric) and tummy panel. Here are a few photos:


Venus of Cortland Shapewear