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Two Can Be Better Than One

Body briefers, long leg all-in-one shapewear, and open corselettes can be a difficult fit if you’re not an “average” figure and height. Some of us may be too tall, too short, wide-hips, narrow hips, full busted, etc. In addition, some customers find “convenience crotches” inconvenient and it’s certainly too much of a hassle to remove the garment when using the rest room. When body briefers work, they are great, and give the smoothest possible look. However, there are many advantages to going with two pieces. Shown is a picture of a two piece strapless bra/long leg girdle combo. I’m only using this particular old picture because it’s the first one I found in our archives. The bra is an Elila 6621 and goes up to a size 46G – try finding a body briefer even close to that size. This particular girdle is a vintage Bi-flex long leg, but it could be almost anything depending on your need – a control brief, a high-waist shaper, a waistline thigh shaper, an open bottom girdle, control top pantyhose, etc. As with the bra, you have endless choices in sizing (depending on style and manufacturer, extra small up to 10X/50). Getting back to the bra, there are several possibilities to meet your needs. In addition to sizing as noted, there are strapless styles for strapless dresses, regular long line styles, and also 3/4 length bras. If you are tall and/or have a long torso, a longline bra together with a high waist garment will usually work well. For some customers (especially short-waisted) a 3/4 bra may be a better choice. If you want a bra that matches your bottom, the Rago Lacette line is the way to go. The Rago Lacette 2202 longline bra matches nearly a dozen Lacette bottom styles. However in most cases when it comes to shapewear, matching the top and bottom isn’t that important. It’s what you look like in your outfit that matters.