About Us

Brabarella began in 2004 as a vintage clothing e-boutique called Little Pink Dress. When Marty realized the vintage lingerie was a top-seller and we both recognized the difficulty of offering quality vintage apparel at affordable prices, he began exploring sources for classic lingerie that met contemporary sensibilities. He was able to find many lines, some in business for over a century, that offered the features we were looking for (including reasonable prices) to offer our customers.

We enjoy the calls, emails and requests we get from many elders looking for the perfect replacement for many products that are no longer made, and we pride ourselves on old-fashioned, personal service. We’re thrilled that more 20 and 30somethings are also showing a blossoming interest in quality lingerie. We love educating folks on the benefits of different styles of foundation wear, and we find that whether it’s fashion or function you’re looking for, you can generally find it at Brabarella at a reasonable price from friendly folks. We can’t claim to be the Amazon of lingerie e-tailers, but our small size does allow us to get to know our regular customers personally through phone calls, emails, and even the occasional visit! (Hello, Esther if you’re reading this!).

The world moves at a much faster pace now, with more virtual experiences and less real time encounters with real people. I know we’re not the only ones who miss that.
As children of the Mad Men era, besides carrying lines that reflect our nostalgia for that bygone, more romantic and dramatic era, we try to deliver a little bit of the personal friendliness that used to happen over coffee at the kitchen table. Incidently, Marty takes his with at least two sugars and light cream. Don’t worry about me. I drink tea.


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