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Garter Belt Basics

There has always been some confusion when it comes to garter belts. First off, among the younger crowd, you wear a garter belt with nylon stockings – we usually refer to them as garter stockings to avoid confusion. I have read stories of young women attempting to hook their new garter belt to thigh highs (stay-ups) and getting frustrated because the top of their thigh highs were too thick to hook. One even cut little holes in them (probably through the silicone) in order to  fasten the stockings.  In short, know the difference.
In terms of what to buy,  a lot depends on what you want to spend and how often you plan on wearing one.  If it’s just to try or for a one-time occasion, we sell a Leg Avenue one for under $10.00. It has four plastic garters and is fine for wear with fishnet or nylon/spandex stockings, as long as you’re not going to be heavily dancing the night away. Garter belts with six straps and metal garters generally work best, especially with stockings that have less give, such as all-nylon. Also, if one garter gives way (sometimes a garter can rub against a chair when sitting down, causing the stocking to pop out), you still have two more holding your stocking up.
Brabarella Garter Belts

Garter Belts

Here at Brabarella Lingerie we always carry a good selection of garter belts. We have to – we sell a ton of nylon stockings! Shown here is a new Stockings and Romance style. We also have selections from Triolet, Rago and Leg Avenue. Prices range from $62.00 to $8.00, so there’s something for almost any budget.
Brabarella Lingerie Garter Belts